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Hard coding

"Burnt-in" subtitles for your movie or video.


Creation of dialogue lists according to your specific needs.


We translate subtitles for all kinds of audiovisual materials: Feature and documentary films, advertisement, trailers and teasers, video art, educational and institutional videos, reels, etc.


Synchronization of the subtitles to be played with a specific copy. We follow international standards and adapt to specifications for festivals, broadcasters, streaming platforms, etc. Creation of .srt files or other formats.

Closed caption

Inclusive subtitling for film and TV.


Creation of XML files to be included in final distribution prints.


We coordinate the whole subtitling work flow for festivals and film events, and apply common criteria to assure coherence within all the titles screened at the event.

Film and theater

Pre-prepared or electronic subtitling for screenings and plays. We provide the technical equipment for live operation, operators with long-time experience in important festivals, and we coordinate the whole work flow together with the festival's technical team to assure the best results."




From and to: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian (ask about other languages) of all kinds of texts. We specialize in audiovisual-related texts: Synopses, treatments, scripts, budgets, dossiers, catalogues, motivations, contracts, press kits, etc.


Of sound or audiovisual material: Interviews, lectures, classes, etc.


Of all kinds of translations."




For festivals, events, lectures, interviews, etc.


For festivals, events, lectures, interviews, etc."

Every minute counts

Who we are?

At Copia Cero we have two true passions: the written word and the moving image.

We combine them in a detailed-oriented and personalized work

in order to better bring your idea to the reader or spectator.

Every project is a challenge that we face with joy and dedication.

Let's work together!


Natalia Cortesi

Founder and director

Studied Arts (University of Buenos Aires) and Film criticism (El Amante/Escuela). Collaborated with several film magazines and websites. Worked in production and distribution and as a programmer for several film festivals and events. Through these jobs she realized that many times filmmakers don't have the time or tools that are necessary to give enough attention to translations and create a carefully crafted presentation for their films. With the desire to help solve this problem and contribute to the development of Argentine cinema, she founded Copia Cero in 2013.


Michel Steinberg

Technical coordinator

Graduated from ENERC (Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica) as a Director of Photography, specializing later in editing and postproduction. Has also worked in animation and motion graphics for different production companies in Argentina. Since 2009 he has worked as a translator from German, English and Portuguese and as a subtitling operator for film festivals (BAFICI, Mar del Plata International Film Festival) and theatre festivals (FIBA). In 2014 he joined Copia Cero where he is in charge of the technical process of subtitling to assure the best results.

Every minute counts

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